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Role of SREDA and GIZ for NSHD

The National Solar Help Desk (NSHD) has been established by SREDA in August 2021 with the technical support of GIZ Bangladesh. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme (REEEP) II Project, GIZ played an important role for the establishment of NSHD. GIZ is continuing the technical assistance to SREDA to perform services of NSHD by Policy Advisory for Promoting Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (PAP) project.

NSHD role is to support the proliferation of Rooftop Solar under Net Metering. It contains all necessary information including information from public sector, private sector, financial sector, utilities and other stakeholders. NSHD offers services to consumers, investors and stakeholders of Rooftop Solar Projects as One Stop Service Desk. Users can confirm appointment for online services and avail desired services at their preferred time during office hours except public holidays. Users will also have option for physical meetings or telephonic discussion for special needs using different option of the same appointment system.