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NSHD- Speech/Statement of Authority

Bangladesh has targets to achieve 100% access to electricity for its people and to graduate to developing country by 2021.To achieve the above target of electricity generation and to retain the growth of development, uninterrupted, flawless power generation is very important. Government is considering diversifying the electricity generation from renewable resources rather than fossil fuels to reduce the effects of climate change as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Alongside the conventional energy sources, renewable energy (RE) will play a significant role in meeting the future demand of electricity as well as fulfilling environmental obligations.

Net metering is one of the approaches designed to encourage renewable energy (RE) promotion by allowing utility customers to generate their electricity from solar or any other renewable sources and export the excess electricity after own consumption. Realizing its importance, the Government has published the Net Metering Guideline in July 2018 to inspire industrial, residential, government and commercial buildings power consumers to adopt rooftop based solar energy to establish a mechanism for distributed RE integration to the grid.

The National Solar Help Desk (NSHD) is an undertaking of Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA), to support the proliferation of primarily Solar Rooftop programme under net metering. Initial establishment of NSHD is being supported by the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme (REEEP II) implemented by GIZ Bangladesh. SREDA envisions to enlarge the scope of NSHD to cover all renewable energy solutions in the future.