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Welcome to Sreda

National Solar Help Desk

Sustainable And Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA)

Welcome to Sreda

National Solar Help Desk

Sustainable And Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA)

Welcome to Sreda

National Solar Help Desk

Sustainable And Renewable Energy Development Authority (SREDA)

Eco Friendly

Net metered rooftop solar systems generate electricity from sunlight, a clean and renewable energy source, significantly reducing the reliance on fossil fuels. By utilizing solar power, these systems can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate the environmental impact, and contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy landscape

Easy Installation

Net metered rooftop solar installations are relatively easy and quick to set up compared to traditional power generation methods. The modular nature of solar panels allows for flexible placement on rooftops, allowing them to be suitable for various structures and reduce the overall disruption to the existing infrastructure.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, net metered rooftop solar systems require minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning and occasional checks are usually sufficient to ensure optimal performance. This low maintenance requirement not only minimizes operational costs but also enhances the long-term reliability of the solar energy system.

Affordable Price

The affordability of net metered rooftop solar has been a driving force behind its widespread adoption. Advances in technology and decreasing manufacturing costs have made solar panels more accessible to consumers. The financial benefits, including reduced electricity bills and potential income through excess energy generation, make net metered rooftop solar an economically viable and attractive option for sustainable energy solutions.

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About Us

Role of SREDA and GIZ for NSHD

The National Solar Help Desk (NSHD) has been established by SREDA in August 2021 with the technical support of GIZ Bangladesh. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme (REEEP) II Project, GIZ played an important role for the establishment of NSHD. GIZ is continuing the technical assistance to SREDA to perform services of NSHD by Policy Advisory for Promoting Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (PAP) project. Read more...


NSHD is an Information Knowledge Hub Related to Solar Projects

Initial Assessment of Rooftop Solar Project

☑ Lump Sum estimation
☑ Estimation with Solar Calculator
☑ Physical visit and Pre- Assessment
☑ Assessment using PVSyst software

Net Metering Application

☑ Process flow explanation,
☑ Who to contact
☑Challenges/ Difficulties with NEM

Relevant Policies, Acts, Guidelines and Information

☑ Relevant policies, acts, guidelines
☑ Relevant Circulars & Announcements
☑ Relevant News and Updates

Technical Information Including Standards for Rooftop Solar Projects

☑ IEC + BDS Standards applicable for
☑ NOC process
☑ Enlistment at SREDA website.

Financing Information for Rooftop Solar

☑ Available IDCOL financing schemes
☑ Bangladesh Bank financing schemes
☑Who to contact

Question for US

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Net Metered Rooftop Solar

Statistics of Installed Net Metering System